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Route 66 Sightings by Jerry McClanahan, Jim Ross, and Shellee Graham
A collection of photos and stories from famed Route 66 authors/historians/photographers Jerry McClanahan, Jim Ross and Shellee Graham. "Spend a few moments with this handsome book and you'll realize you're holding a masterpiece of travel literature. Stunning images coupled with the eloquent text create a potent one-two punch that make this book an instant open road classic." -Michael Wallis
Route 66 Images
Route 66 Images
Our Price: $34.95
This beautiful book by Efren Lopez really captures the iconic images you see while driving along the Mother Road.
Images of 66 Volume 2: Digging Deeper by David Wickline
Enjoy Vol 2 of this book duo with over 2,100 digital images of the aging icons and relics remaining. This book is an informational and educational guide to literally hundreds of mom and pop establishments, roadside attractions, historic landmarks and relics located along the intricate maze of historic Route 66 alignments.
Route 66: The Highway and Its People by Quinta Scott & Susan Croce Kelly
U.S. Highway 66 was always different from other roads. During the decades it served American travelers, Route 66 became the subject of a world-famous novel, an Oscar-winning film, a hit song, and a long running television program. The 2,000 mile concrete slab also became a seven-year obsession for Susan Croce Kelly and Quinta Scott. They traveled Route 66, photographing buildings, knocking on doors, and interviewing the people who had built the buildings and run the businesses along the highway. Drawing on the oral tradition of those rural Americans who populated the edge of old Route 66, Scott and Kelly have pieced together the story of a highway that was conceived in Tulsa, Oklahoma; linked Chicago to Los Angeles; and played a role in the great social changes of the early twentieth century.

Using the words of the people themselves and documents they left behind, Kelly describes the life changes of Route 66 from the dirt-and-gravel days until the time when new technology and different life-styles decreed that it be abandoned to the small towns it had nurtured over the course of thirty years.

Scott's photographic essay shows the faces of those 66 people and gives a feeling of what can be seen along the old highway today, from the seminal highway architecture to the grainfields of the Illinois prairie, the windbent trees of western Oklahoma, the emptiness of New Mexico, and the bustling pier where the highway ends on the edge of the Pacific Ocean.

Route 66 uses oral history and photography as the basis for a human study of this country's most famous road. Historic times, dates, places, and events are described in the words of men and women who were there: driving the highway, cooking hamburgers, creating pottery, and pumping gas. As much as the concrete, gravel, and tar spread in a sweeping arc from Chicago to Santa Monica, those people are Route 66. Their stories and portraits are the biography of the highway.
Secret Route 66
Secret Route 66
Our Price: $20.95
Take a journey with Jim Ross and Shellee Graham as they peel back layers of the weird and obscure to discover the wonderful rich history of America's Mother Road!
100 Things to do on Route 66...
There sure is a lot anyone can see on their journey across the Mother Road, but here are the TOP 100 Things Jim Hinckley feels that are the MUST SEE! Fun quirky photo ops, beautiful scenery, glorious old neon, and delightful diners!
Route 66: EZ66 Guide for Travelers, 4th Edition by Jerry McClanahan
The EZ66 GUIDES were developed by noted Route 66 historian, Jerry McClanahan and The National Historic Route 66 Federation to make it as EZ as possible for travelers to find and follow the various alignments of Route 66. The guides have been used by thousands from around the world. The 200 page, 5 1/2' x 8 1/2' guide is spiral bound, to make it EZ to use while traveling. It includes EZ to use maps you can follow going EAST or WEST. The guide also includes attractions, games and historic details. This second edition makes an excellent traveling companion with the Route 66 Dining & Lodging Guide.
Route 66 Dream Castle
Route 66 Dream Castle
Our Price: $19.95
Read about Clinton, Oklahoma's very own Calmez Hotel that stood as a beacon on the Mother Road in between Oklahoma City and Amarillo; attracting motorists from all over for more than 70 years!
Rt 66 Coloring Book
Rt 66 Coloring Book
Our Price: $15.00
The Colorful West is a colorable & fun way to road trip and mark your journey across Route 66. Color the landmarks you encounter along the way.
Rt 66 Travel Guide, Trivia & Puzzles
Have fun along your journey, or while planning it with this handy little book! Filled with fun themed puzzles, attractions to see, and trivia to pass the time on your trip!